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To practice Ortho-K, all practitioners must be certified. As a partner with Bausch & Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment VST™, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to take the MiracLens VST exam on-line.

The MiracLens certification exam typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete, and you will know your results immediately.

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Design Concept

Variable Design
MiracLens™ is a super variable design lens that can have up to five curvatures depending on the correction level. What is more important than the lens itself, however, is the fitting methodology in which the lens design is based upon.

Progressive Approach
The essence of the MiracLens Orthokeratology System is the basic principle of gentle “step-by-step,” precise shaping of the cornea while monitoring and adapting to the individual patient’s unique ocular condition. In order to achieve this, MiracLens is separated into four levels of design (M1~Mh) that are based on the initial and the final target power of the individual patient. This progressive approach to treatment has always been the foundation of orthokeratology from the beginning, and MiracLens Orthokeratology System is essentially a refinement of the founding principles of Ortho-K.

Visual Lens Designer
As a part of this innovative refinement, MiracLens is designed with the unique and easy to use Virtual Lens Designer (VLD), the world’s first electronic on-line orthokeratology lens design calculator. VLD is a dual-purpose application that employs a simple data input lens designer in combination with the advance lens specification option, which allows for easy and time efficient solutions for simple cases as well as the advanced option for more complex cases. The parameters of initial lenses are automatically recommended by the VLD after inputting the flat/steep keratometry readings and the desired amount of correction. The recommended lenses are ready for dispensing and are designed to perform with better than 90% success rate.*

Custom Design
Yet the true unique feature of the MiracLens and its ultimate advantage is its capability to adjust any and all the parameters as necessary by adding or subtracting the values in the VLD. MiracLens believes that it is the doctors who need to have the final word in prescribing what they believe to be the best for their patient. This unique feature of MiracLens provides the doctors the freedom & the power to design custom lenses for their patients in order to solve the difficult fitting cases and reach the best end results.

Utmost Quality
MiracLens cares about every patient you serve. MiracLens is available in the overnight FDA approved BOSTON® EQUALENS® II (Oprifocon A) from Bausch & Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment VST™, and it has one of the most rigorous quality protocol in the interest of your patient’s health. It is an essential part of the MiracLens design concept that MiracLens stands as a testimony of quality for your practice. Be confident in disclosing to your patients what Ortho-K lens they are receiving from their doctor – Share MiracLens with them.

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